Thursday, October 15, 2015

Soldier Field 07/11/95 (Matrix FLAC)

01 Intro
02 Release
03 Go
04 Last Exit
05 Spin the Black Circle
06 Tremor Christ
07 Corduroy
08 Whipping
09 I Got Shit
10 Dissident
11 Even Flow
12 Improv
13 Deep
14 Jeremy
15 Glorified G
16 Daughter
17 Animal
18 Habit
19 Lukin
20 Not For You
21 Small Town
22 Immortality
23 Alive
24 Porch
25 Everyday People
26 Let My Love Open the Door
27 Better Man
28 Rearviewmirror
29 Black
30 Blood
31 Yellow Ledbetter

Edited by: BLG

His notes: "This is a mix I’ve wanted to redo for a long time. The mono FM source is thin, tinny, and almost unlistenable by itself, and the Audience source is pretty good overall. A mix was done many years ago, but it has some sync issues and in general I thought I could improve upon it.

This ended up being way more involved than I thought originally. The FM source does not run at a consistent speed, making it very difficult to align. After doing a baseline stretch of the entire show to get the sources close, I did about 40 additional stretch points to really align things. I also did a significant amount of clap removal to the CSB and lowered the volume of some of the crowd noise, all done before mixing so it wouldn’t be noticeable. In addition, I got rid of the annoying DJ talk, so both encore breaks have been mostly faded out. Overall, I think the results came out pretty good."

Source Info:  Monkeywrench mono FM broadcast > “Live At Soldier Field” Parrot/Red Robin Silver CDs > FLAC (Source 1) > Core Sound Binaurals > Sony TCD-D7 > DAT-M > DAT1 48khz > DA-20 > coax > DiO 2496 > Soundforge 6.0 > Flac Frontend > FLAC (Source 2)

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  1. Dude, you are being humble, you made a great job, I read what you wrote, even though I don't understand the technicallities of what you did, it pretty seems to be a lot of work, and this sounds great, thank you, Javier from Buenos Aires