Pearls Of The Pacific (Soundboard)

Professionally recorded (but not exactly professionally mixed) songs from the Pacific leg of the 1995 tour.

01. Intro
02. Corduroy  (Japan)
03. Tremor Christ  (Japan)
04. Whipping  (Japan)
05. I Got Shit  (Japan)
06. Last Exit  (Taiwan)
07. Lukin  (Taiwan)
08. Not For You  (Philippines)
09. Even Flow  (Philippines)
10. Immortality  (Philippines)
11. Animal  (Sydney)
12. Blood  (Sydney)
13. Go  (Adelaide)
14. Release  (Melbourne)
15. Let My Love Open The Door  (Perth)
16. Spin The Black Circle  (Canberra)
17. We Love You, Jack Irons  (Canberra)
18. Deep  (Canberra)
19. History Never Repeats w/ Spitz Enz  (Auckland)
20. Throw Your Arms Around Me  (Auckland)
21. I Got You w/ Split Enz  (Auckland)

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